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Early Warning System

With this EWS notification form you can report risks or (imminent) calamities with feed, posing a threat to animal health and / or food safety. After submitting the filled out form, GMP+ International will make a first assessment of the gravity of the situation and the possible impact thereof, based on your report. If necessary, GMP+ International will contact you. GMP+ International will treat your report confidentially.

For questions, please contact GMP+ International:
 +31 (0)70- 307 41 20
 +31 (0)6 46 07 60 36 (available 24/7)

Purpose of Early Warning System
The purpose of an Early Warning System (EWS) is the early reporting of irregularities regarding feed safety and to promote fast response and communication about (new) hazards and risks throughout the feed production chain for feed, with the goal of preventing or limiting the harmful consequences for people, animals and the environment.

No feed safety management system can prevent incidents, not by nature, nor by hu-man error or criminal actions. Within the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme, EWS therefore forms an important safety net, to limit the extent or reduce a (potential) is-sue at an early stage through adequate measures.

Damage control is a shared responsibility, but each involved organization does have its own role and responsibilities.

More information can be found in GMP+ BA5 Minimum Requirements EWS (See related items).

GMP+ International assesses EWS notifications and, if it is necessary, alerts GMP+ FSA participants about the occurrence of a feed safety problem in the market.

When the situation is urgent and not (completely) under control, an EWS warning will be published on the GMP+ International website and participants will be alerted by e-mail, specifying the product involved (generic name), the undesirable substance(s) and detected level(s) reported, as well as the country of origin. Details of the company involved are never published.

EWS warnings help participants to take appropriate measures in preventing or controlling hazards. When the situation is under control, an EWS warning can also be published to inform participants about potential risks or best practices. With this information, participants can take appropriate measures.

Added value
Individual EWS warnings, aggregated information in reports and other risk communication can and will contribute to solid risk management (monitoring and analyses). The knowledge gained from EWS notifications evaluation, combined with other relevant information leads to improvements of the GMP+ FSA module (normative documents, Feed Support Products), the certification and compliance assessment process, risk communication and other operations.

In the end it will make individual companies and the feed sector as a whole more resilient to cope with everyday challenges to deliver safe feed for safe food.