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GMP+ FRA certification

With the development of the GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance module, GMP+ International is responding to requests by GMP+ participants. The animal feed sec-tor is confronted with requests on working responsibly. This includes, for example, the use of soy (including soy derivatives and soy products) and fishmeal which are produced and traded with respect for humans, animals and the environment. In order to demonstrate responsible production and trade, a company can get certified for the GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance. The main goal of the GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance module is to facilitate GMP+ participants in meeting these market requirements for responsibly produced feed.

The image below is a visual of how GMP+ International will handle various market initiatives concerning responsible feed. GMP+ International created the ‘GMP+ FRA Framework’ in which these market initiatives can be plugged in. The several market initiatives of chain partners regarding responsible feed production can be integrated in (‘plugged in’) this GMP+ FRA framework and together it will form a full standard with several scopes.