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Mutual recognition

Mutual recognition with and acceptance of other certificates
There are now also other quality assurance systems for the guaranteeing of the safety of feeds especially in a number of countries around the Netherlands. The certificates which are issued within the framework of these schemes to feed companies have been declared to be equivalent to the GMP+ FSA certificate and vice versa. This declaration of equivalence is also called mutual recognition/compatibility.

In addition, certificates from a number of specific (Dutch) foodstuff schemes have been declared to be GMP+ FC scheme equivalent. This means that the companies which are certified in accordance with such a scheme are also qualified as producers of feeds for delivery to GMP+-certified companies. This certification is also known as acceptance.

More information about the interchangeability declared and accepted quality assurance systems can be found in GMP + BA10 Minimum Requirements for Purchasing

With the exception of QS certified companies, GMP+ International does not maintain lists of companies which are qualified in this way to supply feeds to GMP+ companies. Refer for this to the register of companies of the scheme owners in question as shown in the table.

Feed Safety Assurance Schemes Organisation Country Website / List
Feed Chain Alliance standard
(GMP Regulation)
Ovocom Belgium Website Ovocom
FEMAS  AIC  United Kingdom FEMAS Site
UFAS  AIC United Kingdom UFAS Site
TASCC  AIC United Kingdom TASCC Site
CSA  Incograin France Website Incograin
EFISC-GTP  Coceral Europe Website EFISC-GTP
Qualimat  Qualimat  France Website Qualimat
FAMI-QS  FAMI-QS Europe Link to FAMI-QS participants







Link to list of QS-participants
who are compatible
with the GMP+-scheme







Link to list of pastus+
participants who are compatible
with the GMP+-scheme
Hygiene Code small packagers of unpeeled potatoes   NAO Holland Website NAO
Several Dutch Cultivation schemes  BO Holland Website BO
Hygiene Code for Farmhouse Dairy Processing Union of Farmhouse Dairy Processors Holland Website Farmhouse Dairy Products
Hygiene Code for the Bread and Confectionery Sector  NBC Holland Hygiënecode
Chain Partners  ​Organisation ​Country ​Website
Round Table on Responsible Soy RTRS  Argentina Website RTRS
Stichting Milieukeur SMK  Nederland Website SMK
Duurzame Zuivelketen Duurzame Zuivelketen  Nederland Website Duurzame Zuivelketen

Publication of GMP+ certified companies in the QS database

To sustain transparency along the supply chain within the QS scheme, every GMP certified company that wants to deliver into the QS scheme has to register in the QS database. This also applies to GMP-traders, GMP-carriers and GMP-storekeepers that have to date been exempt from this duty.

Through the following link you will enter the instruction document on registration in the QS database.

Publication of QS certified companies in the GMP+ company database
Due to an automatic transfer of data from the QS database to the GMP+ companies database, QS certified companies opting for delivering products or services to GMP+ certified companies, will be automatically published in the GMP+ companies database. For the QS certified producers of compound feed and premixtures a registration fee is applicable. For this purpose QS certified producers of compound feed and premixtures must fill in an application form providing their invoice data.

Application form for registration of QS participants in the GMP+ companies database

The QS certified companies authorized for deliveries into the GMP+FC scheme will be published under tab "Other certification schemes", “Qualität und Sicherheit “ in the GMP+ companies database.  

Publication of GMP+ certified companies in the ​pastus+ database

With reference to GMP+ A1 ‘General regulations’, article 11.1, feed companies can make use of this mutual agreement starting right away.
A GMP+ certified company that wants to make use of the mutual recognition for delivering into the pastus+ chain, needs to contact AMA-Marketing and fill out a pastus+ registration form. The pastus+ registration form is available at the pastus+ homepage (www.pastus.at). A special contract needs to be concluded and the GMP+ company will be listed on the pastus+ website in the roster of companies, that are allowed to deliver. An annual fee needs to be paid.

Publication of ​pastus+ certified companies in the GMP+ company database
A pastus+ company can make use of this mutual agreement for delivering into the GMP+ chain starting right away and be registered in the GMP+ company database. For this, the company needs to fill in this registration form. Also, pastus+ companies making use of this agreement will be invoiced according to the GMP+ fee system (See GMP+ C4 Tariff).

Note: due to migration of the current database and website to a new portal, for the time being the company will be listed on a PDF-file. In due time, the company will be registered in the new GMP+ company database.