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Working principles (FSP)

Feed Support Products (FSP)

The Feed Support Products provide usability, an uniform source of data, links between relevant files and efficient search functionality. 
With the Feed Support Products, GMP+ International is offering various sources of information in an interactive way. This can support you in the implementation of your proprietary HACCP system. For instance, it has a search engine and in a risk assessment, you can click straight to the applicable standards. It makes consulting the information more user friendly and efficient.

FSP can be visualized as a ‘funnel’. Information from several sources is entering in FSP. FSP structures and links in a way that information can be used by feed companies for their company-specific HACCP system. Feed companies can give feedback information to further improve the FSP. In the figure below this process has been visualized.

Where can FSP be found?
The Feed Support Products are available on the GMP+ portal in the KNOWLEDGE section. There you can consult the Risk assessmentsFact sheets as well as the Productlist and Specific Feed Safety Limits.  The GMP+ Monitoring database (My Monitoring) is accessible through the section MY GMP+ (by means of "Log in"). General information about the GMP+ Monitoring database is also available under the SERVICE section. The information products are interconnected.

If you don’t have access (yet) and are GMP+ certified, please send an e-mail to info@gmpplus.org. Please mention your company name and your GMP+ number. If you have lost your password, please go to the GMP+ portal and click Forgot password