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GMP+ International uses the following logos for the certification schemes below:

1. GMP+ Feed Certification scheme

Module: Feed Safety Assurance

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Download GMP+ FSA Logo (standard)
Download GMP+ FSA Logo (black-white)

Module: Feed Responsible Assurance

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Download GMP+ FRA Log0 (standard)
Download GMP+ FRA Logo (black-white)

2. Responsible Biomass Certification scheme

Module: Responsible Biomass Assurance


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Download RBA Logo (standard)
Download RBA Logo (black-white)

These logos are provided by GMP+ International to the company certified for the relevant scheme.

The logos are displayed in both the corporate identity of GMP+ International (color) and black and white.

Additional information about (the use of) the various GMP+ logos is available in:
Module Feed Safety Assurance : GMP+ A1 General Regulations and GMP+ A3 GMP+ Logo
Module Feed Responsibility Assurance : GMP+ A1General Regulations and GMP+ A3 GMP+ Logo 
Module Responsible Biomass Assurance : RBC A3 RBC logo