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Interesting links

On this page you’ll find links to websites of various interesting organizations and published GMP+ articles.

Click the name to visit the relevant website!

* Animal Feed legislation

* EU Legislation

* EUR-lex

* European Commissie (Animal Feed)

* IDTF Database

* Global feed

* FSO (Feed Schemes Observatory)

Published GMP+ articles:

* More Chinese feed mills with GMP+ certificate
  (All About FeedJune 13th 2016) (English)

* Feed Safety Assurance essential for animal feed sector
  (Feed Planet Magazine Apr - Jun 2016) (English-Turkish)

* Feed Safety Assurance China
  (World Poultry issue 3 2016) (Chinese)

* A globalização do alimento seguro
  (feed&food EDIÇÃO DE MAIO 2016 ) (Portuguese)

* Segurança de alimentatos na aquacultura
  (Seafood Brasil apr 2016) (Portuguese)

* Feed safety assurance in aquaculture
  (AquaFeed vol 8 issue 1 2016) (English)

* Feed Safety Culture: crucial for effective Feed Safety Control
  (Milling & Grain Mar 2016) (English)
  (Milling & Grain nr 2 2016) (Spanish)
  (Milling & Grain nr 2 2016) (Turkish)
  (Milling & Grain nr 2 2016) (Chinese)
  (Milling & Grain nr 2 2016) (Arabic)

*Обеспечение безопасности кормов - конкурентное преимущество для выхода на рынок ЕС
  (Feed & Facts magazine no 3_2016) (Russian)

* Feed safety control in the whole feed chain
  (AllAboutFeed Feb 2016) (English)

* Feed Safety Awareness in Southern Europe
  (Milling & Grain Feb 2016) (English)

* Feed safety assurance essential for Arab feed sector
  (Arab World Agribusiness no 2 (vol 32)) (English)

  (Exclusive Technologies no 1_2016) (Russian)

* Por um Alimento Seguro, Saudável e Sustentável
  (Avicultura Industrial no 1 2016) (Portuguese)

* How to make the global supply of fishmeal substantially sustainable?
  (International AquaFeed Jan/Feb 2016) (English)

* Integrity of Feed Safety Assurance certification
  (Milling and Grain Jan 2016) (English)
  (Milling and Grain Enero-Februero 2016) (Spanish)
  (Milling and Grain Ocak 2016) (Turkish)
  (Milling and Grain issue 1 2016) (Chinese)
  (Milling and Grain issue 1 2016) (Arabic)

* Bezpieczne przewozy pasz (transportation of safe feed)
  (Przewoźnik - ZMPL Nov 2015) (Polish)

* Improving through sharing with early warning
  (Milling and Grain Oct 2015) (English)

* Well-balanced multi-stakeholders’ participation
  (Milling and Grain Sept 2015) (International AquaFeed Sept/Oct 2015) (English)

* Uma abordagem de cadeia para a segurança de alimentos para animais é crucial
  (feed&food Aug 2015) (Portuguese)

* Added value of Early Warning System (EWS)
  (Milling and Grain Jul 2015) (English)

* Mycotoxins and other hazards controlled by the use of FSP
  (International AquaFeed May/Jun 2015) (Milling and Grain Aug 2015) (English)